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Your wedding video doesn't have to be like everyone else's...

I respect the fact that your wedding will be just as individual as you are. That’s why I never use an editing template, or a formula, and I don’t make you do “takes” on the wedding day. I like to catch moments as they happen - the authentic and raw moments. When it comes to piecing your final video together, I follow my own creative instincts. In other words, I keep working on it until I think it's actually good, not just what a wedding video is “supposed to be.”

Do what you want and forget the rest.

That approach is what I think makes me a pretty decent documentarian. I like to make videos that encapsulate the overall feeling of your wedding. It's a little bit tricky to be honest, but after years of filming - I've learned how to blend in with those around me to film the day from the inside out. Here's the real deal: You are going to spend a significant part of your wedding day with a videographer right by your side. You should be comfortable with them - and your final video should convey how it felt to be there.

Mike DeMellia Sizzle Reel
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How do you encapsulate a feeling?

There are a few techniques I use, all of which center around actually caring how your video comes out. I want to make you something truly awesome! Something that you will cherish for decades as a family! And that urge leads me right into the heart of your wedding.

Choosing a videographer is a pretty big decision to make, and you should absolutely have the right person there with you that's going to have the energy that best matches you and your inner circle of friends and family.